TN: 2005 Lillian Winery Syrah (USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County)

  • 2005 Lillian Winery Syrah - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County (7/17/2009)
    I had to get and taste this wine to experience/understand the hoopla surrounding the 2006 release. Pop and pour. Beautiful deep purple color, almost ink like. Nose is very alluring offering hints of cocoa, spices, blue and red fruits. A big wine. On the palate, pepper, blue and black berries, salted meat, and more asian spices. Very nice structure and covers the mouth with a luscious coat. Nice finish, 45 seconds or so. Overall, a very well made wine and certainly worthy of the accolade.

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Great note.

This was thrown into an SQN tasting I went to a few weeks back. For my palate, it was the second best wine on the table, bested only by the best SQN I’ve ever had (3x’s and it’s always performed for me) Papa.

I’ve onboard with Maggie and Lillian.

Stellar wine. Have had it three times and each time it was a PAME.

spot on, nice work!

Too sweet.