TN 2005 Jorge Ordonez Old Vines #3

2005 Jorge Ordonez #3 I have found my new love - I really love the Jorge Victoria dessert wine but the #3 takes it to the next level. This stuff is like liquid honey and the finish lasts for almost 90 seconds. Perfect by itself or possibly with some nice fromage…

It’s expensive but I just splurged for six btls after tasting…I am man enough to say I like sweet wines and this is a grand slam of a sweet wine…

I’ve had the '05 and '06 and both are just lovely wines, I could probably polish off a whole 375ml myself.

Local distributor closed them out and I was shocked I couldn’t sell more than I did.

Agreed - I could drink this stuff through a straw flirtysmile

#2 is my favorite each year thus far.

I am not surprised on the blowout. Here in NY, they were blown out as well. Dessert wines do not sell, except for Port in Santa Barbara for Roberto! neener