TN: 2005 Jonata Winery La Sangre de Jonata (USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Ynez Valley)

  • 2005 Jonata Winery La Sangre de Jonata - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Ynez Valley (8/15/2009)
    Decanted 4.5 hours, drank over 3. Extremely dark color, virtually black. Blueberries jumped out as I poured it into the decanter. Lots going on with this wine. Alternately tight, unyielding, expressive, rich, concentrated. This is a baby that tested with a high IQ and off the charts personality. It will be very interesting to see how this develops over the next 10 years.

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Thanks. This is the Syrah right? i need to open one of these to try.


Sangre = Syrah. And I agree with Brian, it is very impressive.

What’s the tariff on this puppy? I’ve enjoyed many of the Jonata wines I’ve tried, but felt that they were quite rich $-wise compared to many others from the area . . .


I had the wine twice un April at my Culinary Festival with great food. it is a large scaled California type Syrah. Well made, great fruit and future.


It was $125 on release.

Had this a few months back for my anniversary. I hate to rain on the parade, but i just wasn’t diggin’ it. Although it wasn’t necessarily my style, I still couldn’t appreciate it for the price tag of $250 (restaurant pricing). Really lean from my recollection with gamey and peppery notes. And i found the heat really unbearable. The next day, I had a bottle of 07 Neyers Lakeville Syrah for $30 (retail pricing) and I thought it was much more enjoyable. I know we are talking two different regions, but still, I can’t give the Jonata the nod. Would like to retry. you never know where that bottle was before it was opened.