tn: 2005 jonata la fuerza de jonata

impenetrable dark purple color, one of the darkest wines i have seen. on the nose dark fruit, cedar, some cocoa. a wall of tannin, this wine is definitely saying - ‘not yet’. there is some blackberry there but overall this is a big, big tannic beast right now. if you have some i’d either decant for a loooong time or hold. i think i might be becoming this winery’s bitch, i’ve really enjoyed everything of theirs i’ve consumed.


is this Syrah?

Petit Verdot

sorry - yes, correct brian, petite verdot

I had this wine last year with Matt at a trade tasting in Santa Barbara, and among the entire lineup, this wine blew me away.

I didn’t buy any, but am now regretting that move. Interesting is not a strong enought descriptor for this wine. Fantastic, otherworldly and like nothing I have ever tasted are better. Matt was wonderful and I wish them all the best of luck. Now, if I could just find some of this wine on the East Coast.