TN: 2005 Havens Syrah Hudson Vineyard

So, I have consumed about 5 ounces of this stuff over the past 24 hours, while it has been open at the store (Full disclosure: we sell this wine).

I was very happy with our “bankrupt” purchases of 2006 Black & Blue and 2006 Bourriquot. I am less happy about this Syrah.

Yesterday, the wine had an amazing bouquet, that could have tricked you for Northern Rhone. On the palate, the wine was a bit harsh, and oaky.

Today, the wine has softened up considerably. The nose is still outstanding, and the harshness has mellowed everywhere except the bite I get on the finish.

Nevertheless, it is a decent buy, if you get it on a steep discount, as I suspect most of you did. For a similar price, the Bourriquot and B&B were much better deals, though.

I haven’t had the 2005 Hudson yet(but i am guessing i will really like it), b/c I really loved the 2004 and liked the 2006 a lot as well. I love Havens b/c they make tend to make unique wines with unusual elegance, floral, savory and spice notes. After drinking some higher end CA cabs and syrahs recently, i constantly find myself wishing they had more balance and complexity like the Havens.

You have mentioned oakiness on a few of your 06 Havens notes. I only felt like the Black and Blue was heavy on oak, but even there its not overly toasty oak that masks the other complexities AND it has a very good chance of integrating more over time in my mind (in fact the Black and Blue was pretty darn good on night 2).

How is the 06 Bourriquot? Haven’t had that yet.

Mr Posner, do you suspect the wine will come together with some age? My experience with Havens wines are that they need some time in the bottle before they are approachable.



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Black and Blue is oaky. Bourriquot not so much. I found the Syrah oaky yesterday, not so much today.


I think this is about as good as it gets.

Thanks Mr Posner, I have a few coming and will give it a whirl for myself.


I totatly agree with your assessment. Glad I got it on mega sale.


Hmmm, I really enjoyed the '06, hence I bought the '05 and '06 mixed set from Woot in quantity. Found a fair amount of integrated oak on the '06, but it wasn’t sticking out really. Since I got 2 of the '05 for every '06, this is somewhat concerning.

Oh well, no biggie. Still have a mixed case of '06s across Hudson Syrah, Reserve Merlot and Bourriquot. $13 per is certainly OK if the '05s go into the regular drinker column.

who is this Mr Posner??? I only know him as Dan the whino!!!

Opened the 2005 Merlot yesterday, similar to Posner’s description. Great nose, and then a little disjointed on the palate, much better after an hour, but a hold for me. [training.gif]

He makes me call him that…right Mr Posner?

That’s right, Ross!

We appreciate your honesty. If only professional wine reviewers were half as honest…

Dan’s just trying to live up to the standards of his idol, Gary V. neener

Speaking of, this is funny…and sort of off topic from Havens…oh well…,_Jr" onclick=";return false;.

A lengthy profile entitled “The Million Dollar Nose” ran in The Atlantic Monthly in December 2000. Among other claims, Parker told the author that he tastes 10,000 wines a year and “remembers every wine he has tasted over the past thirty-two years and, within a few points, every score he has given as well.” [3] Yet in a public blind tasting of fifteen top wines from Bordeaux 2005, which he has called “the greatest vintage of my lifetime,” Parker could not correctly identify any of the wines, confusing left bank wines for right several times.[4]

Tyler, did you write the wikipedia stuff? [pillow-fight.gif]

Finally got around to tasting one of my '05 Hudson Syrahs. Definitely agree with Dan, great nose, clunky on the palate with a bitter bite on the finish. For $13, will probably toss these into the near term drinking bin unless I find some positive bottle variation that makes me think there is possibility of upside.

2005 Havens Wine Cellars Syrah T Block Hudson Vineyard - USA, California, Napa Valley, Carneros (3/5/2010)
Funky gamey smell, bacon fat, herbs, toast and vanilla bouquet. A bit hollow in the middle. Shows some oaky yogurt and toast flavors. Strange bitterness on the finish. Some heat on nose and finish. Medium high acid, healthy level of tannin. Seems to have a serious, ambitious aromatic profile, but too much oak and bitterness on the palate. (80 pts.)

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