TN: 2005 Don Melchor

2005 Don Melchor - Still deep purple in color, oak is the first thing I got on the nose. With smoke, black currant, plum, tobacco, and a slight earthy funk. Medium to full bodied on the palate with sweet red currant fruit up front and pretty well extracted. good flavors, but not a lot of complexity and a little sweetness on the palate. Finish was a little short with a leafy note.

Overall, it would have been a perfectly fine $25 bottle of Cab, but for the price and the hype…no way! (for my palate)

Still youthful, so maybe this will develop some complexity with age, but it seems like it will hold for a while before it fades without gaining anything

Straight from the bottle or did you decant?

pop and poured, but consumed over about 2 hours. It did gain some weight with air, and the finish expanded a little.

[quote=“mike.m”]2005 Don Melchor - sweet red currant fruit up front and pretty well extracted. good flavors, but not a lot of complexity and a little sweetness on the palate. Finish was a little short with a leafy note.

Thanks for the note ! Agree 100%…bought a few of these at Costco for $50.00 a while back and opened my 1st btl a couple mths ago. WAY too sweet and extracted for my palate. Even my wife who tends to like sweeter wines said this was too sweet and boring. If anybody wants to buy my last 3 btls at cost please PM me.

In MD it is $50 wholesale, so very expensive for the quality in my opinion.

It was an alright wine for its style (not price), but no way is it a 96 pointer to me. the reviews on this wine are crazy!

Don’t they make like 50k cases of Don Melchor, or at least some quantity that exceeds your typical Bdx producer? I’d imagine there is not ideal consistency amongst all bottles, especially in comparison to the sample Jay Miller tastes.

Wow, is production really that high? I have no idea.
Still for this kind of money, I would hope for more consistency. Or just charge less!

YIYO, I love Don Melchor going back to the 1999 vintage.

A quick search (Wine Spectator Online) shows production of the 2005 at 18K cases.

Have you had the 05 recently Bill? I’m curious for another opinion.

Have not had one since WAY before last XMAS. IIRC, we went through three bottles in 2009 and they were all in my wheelhouse for big, massive young cabs. A strange thing is that odd years show better, relatively, than even years.

Cool, I thought you may have had it as I know you like them from your posts. I was expecting it to be a little bigger honestly.

I had the 03 this past weekend and it was very very enjoyable. very old world with some loamy, leather notes. We decanted for several hours even left a couple ounces to the next night and it was still very enjoyable.

We did the same with a 19$ 2006 Montes Alpha Cab and by the end of the night. 3-4 hours in the decanter, the MA cab was almost undrinkable for me. it did recover as we had 1/2 a bottle left of that the next night.

Everyone preferred the 03 melchor to the 06 montes. even at the price points.

Sorry, my number was definitely off . . . . but they do make a fair amount of it, more than I’d expect at the price point.

I’ve got one stashed away, Soooo…bottom line… drink it now ?? [scratch.gif]

I’ve had two of mine in the past 1-1.5 years, and I’m surprised you found it sweet. I’m usually very sensitive to sweetness, and I didn’t find it that way.

That can’t be right. I just reviewed my purchase price and it was $40.43 a bottle for someone buying it local retail.

Its been quite awhile since I cracked one, and I don’t seem to have a note logged, but feel like I may have discussed this on eBob. I recall it being very different than what you describe. Vague memory has it as big and powerful but still elegant with a finish that wouldn’t quit. I probably had decanted the bottle for a few hours and consumed over a few more.

Based on my experience I would drink it now, but there are plenty of other opinions in this threrad

Not Turley sweet, but with low tannin, the sweetness of the fruit came through.

Original wholesale release price in MD was $50. If you are in MoCo it would have been even a little bit more. I can see the distributor dumping this wine as they will do that to move some inventory. Maybe that is how you got such a low price?

Could be my bottle wasn’t 100% correct as I was expecting more power. Also, the finish definitely quit! No signs of being corked or anything.

I would say, “No. Instead, wait at least 5 more years.” I had one recently and my impressions were very similar to Mike’s original post. Granted, Mike and I apparently find different implications from those same findings, but my view is that this wine needs time. (fwiw, I prefer the '04).