TN: 2005 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Grézeaux

  • 2005 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Grézeaux - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Chinon (8/8/2011)
    If this isn’t one of the finest values in red wine, then I don’t know what is. Purchased for $16, this delivers multiple times the pleasure. Although it shows the typical tannic black currant, green bell pepper, earth and violets flavors one expects from Chinon, the 2005 vintage influenced this wine in that it is fully ripe, velvety in its texture, and rounder than usual. If I had drunk this blind, I might have even guessed it to be a Bordeaux. Goes great with any kind of red meat dish, and anything grilled. Should be purchased by the case.

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Thanks for the note Steffen. For those who really like cab franc and its black fruit and bell pepper profile, and I personally do, it’s a killer qpr. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the 05, but I just recently purchased a case of the 09. Cheers.

Thanks for the note. The 09 is up to $23 locally but that is still an insane deal.

I think $23 is pushing the envelope a bit, but it’s certainly not insulting.

I think it drinks well above that price point personally. I hope I get the opportunity to put on in a blind Bordeaux lineup 10 years from now.

$26-27 on the other coast. Good CF Loire is way more interesting than comparably-priced b’x, I’ve come to think.

Maybe it was the regular cuvee and not the Grézeaux?

I agree. In comparably warm years, say 1989 and 2005 as examples, Loire CF kills Bordeaux, IMHO, when you compare price points. A $30 CF in a great year can be nirvana.

Yes, I’m still learning, but this is a lesson I’ve absorbed now.

Just ordered a mixed case of Baudry '09. Thanks for starting this thread to get the juices flowing.

Baudry Rocks!

I have one bottle of this that will not be touched for a good while . . . .

Probably should look into some '09 Baudry while I’m waiting.

I tasted there this spring, and the '09s are really good. Buy them while Chambers St still has them in stock… I loaded up on my return. The '09 Grezeaux was by far my favorite- I think it will be a spectacular wine for many years to come.

The regular is $17. They have been sitting on the floor at WineX for a couple months now. Kozlosky has also emailed them out at similar pricing.

I think I paid $28 for the Grezaux and $18 for the Classique from Kermit Lynch.

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I have a bottle standing up as I write and looking forward to opening later today…I have a real passion for Baudry but his wines are so hard to find up here and in AB generally I guess.