TN: 2005 C.V.N.E. (Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España) Rioja Imperial Gran Reserva

  • 2005 C.V.N.E. (Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España) Rioja Imperial Gran Reserva - Spain, La Rioja, La Rioja Alta, Rioja (6/22/2018)
    With family at dinner in Washington DC after my uncle’s unveiling. This was one of his wines. Storage in an apartment in a high rise in a closet without temperature control, but we have no idea when he bought it. There was a MacArthur Sale sticker on the back. Popped, decanted and poured. Followed for not too long because there were lots of us sharing it.

I really liked this wine. There was roasted meat with some smokiness and great breadth. Dark brooding red fruit. No real sign of age yet. Not a baby but hardly mature. I had a 45 year old one a few years ago that was perfect, so this has plenty of time left in it. (92 pts.)

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Thanks. Those can be wonderful wines.

FYI, it was a WS wine of the year in 2013, so presumably it was released then or in 2012.

WS wine of the year was the 2004 vintage.

Exactly. And those of us who knew better were quite pleased that they selected the lesser year. (But also a very good one.)

Sorry, I think the 05 was on the WS 100. That’s why I said “a wine of the year.” I just saw a reference when I looked up the wine.

The 2004 was the WOTY.

I just found some 1970 CVNE Imperial (apparently there was no riserva or GR designation that year). The '70 Vina Real was one of the best Rioja’s I’ve ever had.

Great wine if it’s a good bottle.

The 70 Imperial is even better than the VR. With all the usual storage caveats of course.

Thanks for the tasting note!!!

We drank half a bottle of the 2005 CVNE Imperial Reserva [Rioja] last night - not the GR - and I thought it was excellent. I got a little wood on the nose, but it was complex, interesting on the palate. Sandalwood, nutmeg, red berry fruit. It felt like a mature Pichon Lalande to me, actually - one whose tannins had all resolved into silkiness. It’s wine with great texture. I’d give this an A, it’s just a very well balanced wine, that would appeal to both traditionalists and modernists.