TN: 2005 Bosquet des Papes Chante le Merle

I like this as you can tell. Viva old vines grenache!

2005 Bosquet des Papes Chante le Merle

This has a gorgeous deep cherry nose. Some element of peppery spice.
The palate is loaded with very complex deep red cherry fruit, pepper and garrigue. The finish is refreshing and not at all rip-roaringly tannic like many other 2005’s. The length is fabulous. This is exquisite.

Yep. Great wine that reminds me a lot of the style of Usseglio’s Mon Aieul.

Yep, the ‘Chante le Merle’ is good juice although I’ve not tried the 05. Just picked up a couple of cases of the 2001 for £150/12 in-bond, or $20 per bottle - surely a pricing error! Mind you, the ‘Gloire de Mon Grand Pere’ is a brilliant wine too (very different in style) & I’ve got through almost 2 cases of the '01 so far, plus it doesn’t cost the earth.

The 07 Gloire de Mon Grand Pere is the absolute star of the Bosquet des Papes lineup to me from this year.
I had it at a tasting recently and ordered what I could get.
I liked this Chante le Merle from 05. I haven’t really bought this producer in the past but I really like this style.
Great price on the 01 BTW.

If I remember correctly, the Chantemerle has a pretty high amount of Syrah and Mourevedre making it deep dark and brooding, where the Gloire is 100% old vine Grenache. Totally different wines.

This used to be called ‘Chantemerle VV’, then for the 2000 vintage onward, it was changed to ‘Chante le Merle VV’ due to some pillock challenging the title of the name. Chante le Merle is usually around 80% Grenache with the rest a blend of Syrah and Mourvedre. It also see approximately 15% new wood while the Gloire de Mon Grand Pere is 100% old vines Greanche and just sees old wood.