TN: 2005 Aubert Chardonnay Lauren Vineyard

  • 2005 Aubert Chardonnay Lauren Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (5/22/2009)
    Dinner at The Hobbit. Brisk aromas of white flowers, crushed shells, and ocean spray. Steely and fresh on the palate with bright notes of lemon pulp and kiwi followed by a flinty minerality on the finish. A bit faded in terms of richness, but as the wine gains more air and warms up in the glass, it becomes more expressive and honeyed. (92 pts.)

Thanks for the note Paul. I’ve had this a couple of times (and enjoyed it everytime) and I’m about to try it again next week at an OL.


I thought it got better as it picked up air, so you might want to take that into consideration.

Thanks for the note Paul! i get to try this next week with some timely friends in the 209

Looking forward to it! [highfive.gif]

Aubert? Do you know the provenance on this bottle? [diablo.gif]