TN: 2005 Arcadian Pinot Noir Dierberg Vineyard

Prompted by the nice offer from Envoyer yesterday, I checked in on this one last night.
Those of you who like the style and reloaded yesterday will be happy.

  • 2005 Arcadian Pinot Noir Dierberg Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Maria Valley (5/13/2011)
    Still not “there” yet, but almost…and much better than my bottle two years ago that was wrapped up tight. Smells of deep tart cherry, and a sweet, baking spice element. There’s a presence to the wine on the palate that leaves a lasting impression without a sense of weight or flab. It’s a very pretty and clean wine. Longish, tart finish that closes a bit on the end. I think there is still some tertiary development to come, but this is coming along nicely.

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Thanks for the check in Dennis. I did grab a few more of these last night since Joe’s '05s are going to be magnificent wines and the price was simply too crazy not to pick up some more. What an enabler Greg K. is!!! I also reloaded on a few Chidaine Bouchets. I was sorry to hear in another thread that you had stopped participating in the Grand Cru Society and as a result missed out on most of Joe’s '05s. Hopefully you will be able to pick up some here and there over the next year or so.

I hear you on the '05s. No worries, I’ve assembled a little stock pile.
This Diergberg is really nice, I really liked the '03 here, but the '05 will be the best Dierberg from Joe.
Already shows it a bit.
Good stuff.
Cheers to you.

thanks for the note Dennis!

I am still waiting to hear back from Greg as I dont think I got a confirm…anyone get one yet?

Not yet.

I got a confirmation earlier today.

as did I.


Me too. Me too [cheers.gif]
Even after I told Brad I didn’t need anymore…likely story

I popped one of these tonight (direct from Joe, not from Greg) after reading your note, Dennis, and totally agree. My, what a difference 18 months has made on this wine since I last checked in on her. Much more open for business. There’s a very appealing red apple skin/sour cherry note that is so alluring…it’s a bit reminiscent of Joe’s Clos Pepe…at least based on the last couple of bottles I drank (coincidentally about 18 months ago as well). Been meaning to check in on one of those soon as well.

I snoozed on the Envoyer offer, but when I called the other day I was told that they were getting some more…so if anyone else missed out, you may want to check back in with them or keep an eye out for another email from Greg. It seems like that guy has one of his hands in my wallet at all times.

Nice job Rick.
This wine really has started to unwind, it was so tight 18-24 months ago.
Glad I was able to snag a few more.
Agree that Joe’s '05s are really poised for rock stardom.

As it has been nearly seven years since I checked-in on this, the time felt right to pull a cork to see where we are with this one. No regrets. :slight_smile:

2005 Arcadian Pinot Noir Dierberg Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Maria Valley (4/19/2022)
– decanted 1.25 hrs before initial taste –
– tasted non-blind over 2 - 3 hours –

NOSE: high-toned, aged, Pinot nose; still fruity, but developing into baked red fruit leathers; expressive; background mix of aged Pinot funk and mineral.

BODY: dark garnet color with slight bricking throughout; color is of medium-deep depth; lots of fine particulate matter present; medium to medium-full bodied.

TASTE: medium to medium+ acidity; aged, ripe, red fruits; light to medium-light oak; aging quite nicely – not falling apart at all; 14.0% alc. is well-hidden; cherry cough syrup; pleasant underlying savory note; paired nicely with pork tenderloin. Drink Now or continue to Hold; I have this marked as a “drink by 2030,” and this bottle does not alter that outlook. It is open and drinking nicely right now. Gut impression score: 92

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Fun! Blast from the past. You are the master at resurrecting TNs. I dig it. Makes me think of what life was like when I made the OP. Almost exactly 11 years ago on this one… I had recently turned 40 at that time. Jeez.

Thanks for the check-in. Wish I had some more!

Brian G r a f s t r o m: Fun two see 2 TNs of Arcadian Pinot Noir on the same day :slight_smile:. With time, these opportunities will diminish… #arcadiansorrow

Obviously not the same cuvée as the Clos Pepe I drank today but those PN sure appear to be long lived. Let’s both reconnect in 2029! [cheers.gif]

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Drank this from a magnum recently, and agree with your notes. For my taste I think the wine is a drink now recommendation for me.

Thread drift but if anyone has any 2009 Sierra Madre, I’ll buy all of it off you.

Sounds like I’m trailing about 10 years behind you, Dennis. Sorry to hear you have none of this Dierberg left, but I have to believe you still have a fair amount of Joe’s other bottlings, yes?

I assure you I am tied with a few other folks on this board as being the most heart-broken about Arcadian’s closure. Luckily, I believe Joe still has a few bottles left to sell if you contact him directly, and I’m still sitting on a stash that I could easily stretch over the next 20 years, if I feel like it.

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Chard or Pinot?

I do still have a bit of 2005 Dierberg available and a good amount of 2013 Clos Pepe Pinot and Chardonnay for those in my cellar if anyone wishes they can reach out directly.


Pinot. Joe said that has been long gone.