TN: 2005 Alban Vineyards Syrah Reva Alban Estate Vineyard

2005 Alban Vineyards Syrah Reva Alban Estate Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley (4/30/2009)
Getting ready for HdR… [drinkers.gif] thought I’d crack the KING! To my surprise…I think this is my first time with the '05??? What restraint!!! Another huge concentrated Alban…dripping dark wild berry fruit, not overly reduced, but reduced. I have no problem with the “Alban reductive funk”…that said, this has much less than earlier Vintages. Rich and powerful smoked maple bacon, sweet asphalt, white pepper, Kirsch liqueur, dark chocolate covered Bing cherries. Just SICK with flavor…little intense with some alcohol burn…not as balanced as the '03 or '04…still killer flavors. Needs more time…still worthy though. (93 pts.)

Thanks for the note Buzz. Will hold on to mine for a while.

Interesting notes - sounds like a fascinating wine, if not entirely my type.

We’ve got a couple of '03 Revas sitting in storage, and I’ve wondered about them. Sounds like you’ve tried the '03 and it’s ready to roll, so maybe we’ll break one out to drink with, I dunno, elk steaks or something.

Thanks for the note Buzz, i’m with Jorge and will hold mine for a couple more years, although i’ve been tempted a few times. Steve I still have 2 of the 03’s left and did have one about a month ago and you should break one out with some elk steaks- drinking beautifully right now.

thanks for the note…tried this @ HdR last year and found it to be excellent…one of the top 3 wines I had there

For you Steve, drank it a few months ago with a fellow board member over some Flannery. If you’re gonna drink it give that puppy a huge long decant of 4+ hours to get that nice bacon fat going.

  • 2003 Alban Vineyards Syrah Reva Alban Estate Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley (11/8/2008)
    Incredibly dark and deep colored wine. A nose of toasted oak/fresh vanilla, smoke, pepper, rich deep black berries. Giant gobs of mellow/ripe blackberry, syrup, pepper, cocoa coat the insides of your mouth. As rich and big as the wine in, it’s a very smooth drink. Nice long finish with a backbone of tannin and acidity that suggest its ability to age. What’s most surprising is after about 2 hours you start tasting meat and bacon fat on the palate. Reminded me a bit of a Youthful Cali Cab when we first drank it… (94 pts.)

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I think that the '03 Reva is the best syrah based wine I have had from California…edging out SQN Poker Face by a hair.