TN: 2004 Weingut Bauerl Riesling Pichl Point Smaragd Trocken

My pleasant experience with the 2004 Hiedler Heiligenstein the other day prompted me to check out another riesling from the same vintage.

This wine is a darker gold/bronze than the Hiedler was; nice petrol accents on the nose, although if you dislike that scent in riesling, maybe too much of a good thing here. Baked apple as well.

Vibrant acidity on the palate; while the color of the wine looked slightly advanced, it tastes younger than it looks. Minerally as well, with a tart finish - this is not as good as the Hiedler (not overly surprising in that regard, as I consider Hiedler a better producer and Heiligenstein to be a superior site).

One thing that did surprise me was to see both Smaragd and Trocken on the label - Bauerl is a Wachau based winery, so it’s not exactly clear to me what the Trocken signifies?