TN: 2004 Vieux Chateau Certan

Lovely nose of soy, Asian spices, cedar and leather. On the palate, on the border between primary and secondary. Tannins partially resolved, nice blend of fruit and acid with a lovely savory umami impression. I am really liking some of my 04 Bordeaux these days. Probably not going to be the longest lasting vintages, but some really nice wines that are drinking well in their adolescence.

Nice note Jud, anyone had 2008 recently.

Thanks for the note. Should try one of my bottles

2004 is a wonderful vintage… especially left bank

I never foresaw that my kind will someday be a wine TN descriptor. But, not quibbling here as the positive TN looks to be a good data point for my stored stash.

I love 2004. At least at the below-first-growth level I drink at, it might be the best “off vintage” of the oughts, a decade with lots of good ones. Not as powerful or likely long lasting as 2001 but it has more charm. It reminds me of a better version of 1999, charming like that vintage but with more of everything. To my taste it’s drinking at peak right now (I like when there is some primary fruit left with secondary complexities). I’ve had very good experiences with right bank as well as left bank. Latest was a really terrific 2004 Conseillante, gentle milk chocolate mixed with floral notes. Also from Pomerol, a very good 2004 Le Gay last year.

I don’t think 2004 will make old bones though. I would drink up within the next 5-7 years. Like I said, I think they are perfect right now. IMO we weight “size” and aging ability too highly when rating vintages. I’d rather have a vintage like 2004 that drinks great at 15 years old than a “big” tannic vintage that takes forever to come around but is still decent at 30.

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