TN: 2004 Sottimano Barbaresco Cotta

Quite dark for Nebbiolo. Out of the gate there are surly balsamic and dusty notes that dominate. As it warms and breathes the tar, spices and dark fruits emerge. There’s a cedary note too, oak derived I assume. It’s quite large scaled and hefty, but lacks a bit of focus and detail. Worked quite well with a seven hour lamb leg and open fire, but it’s not my favourite style of Neb.

Hi Kent
I’ am With you regarding the older vintages from
Sottimano.I have had some different cru”s
From 2004-2005-2006.
But have you had the newer vintages 2015
2016 they are far more elegant and less oak
And lighter collour.

Last vintage I bought was 2006 I think.
Bought quite a bit of the Nebbiolo d’Alba too which was delicious as a youngster, and a number of crus.
Thanks for the tip on the recent vintages. Will give them a try.

I remember that '06 Nebbiolo fondly, Kent.

I had an '08 not too long ago that was worse for wear, too.