TN: 2004 Saxum Heart Stone Vineyard (USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles)

  • 2004 Saxum Heart Stone Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles (9/6/2017)
    Ahhhh…the last bottle of the fizzy 04 Heart Stone! Still has the co2 fizz…are you sure this wasn’t suppose to be a sparkling Saxum Justin??? After the Mollydooker/04 Saxum shake…a drinkable wine! Not as tingly as in its youth…more mellow and integrated acidity and quite fresh tasting. The fruit is med bodied wild berry fruits, kirsch liqueur, mocha and exotic wood spice. Drinking very “lite” and cool climate…Arnot Roberts style…pretty florals and subtle pepper spice. Chill it up and drink it like a Saxum rose’! It’s fun and tasty for what it is! (92 pts.)

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve been afraid to open mine. Could you please share the shake treatment?

Pour some in glass…put cork back in and…shake shake shake shake!!! Watch out though…the pressure builds and sometimes the wine seeps out the cork, or an eruption happens…wine everywhere!! champagne.gif

LOL. I still have on HS, BR and JBV left. Been wondering about them. On release I opened a Mag at a luckily outdoor party. Did the shake and my thumb slipped off and I had a 10 foot purple geyser. Quite pretty actually.

Its been a while, but I just open the day before and let air out. That seems to work and these wines have certainly help up just fine.

It’s been fizzy all along. My note from 2008:

  • 2004 Saxum Heart Stone Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles (7/7/2008)
    This gets a double WOW. This is an outstanding wine. Popped and poured on the lawn outside Ozawa Hall before listing to Mozart. With ripe room temperature Humboldt Fog, Scottish cheddar, country pate and Italian salami with baguette. Color is very dark. Nose is undifferentiated fruity. Palate is clearly differentiated cherry from the syrah and raspberry from the Granche with notes of chocolate (the mourvedre?), sweet spice and vanilla. No pepper. Chocolate, you say, where did you get the chocolate? This is the second wine I have ever had (I think the first was 1990 Margaux) where I actually noticed chocolate on the palate. The finish was extremely long. Mouth feel was good without being creamy. A bit of spice and terroir, but not a lot. There was a slight fizzy sensation as though there was a bit of carbonation on the tip of the tongue. My wife noticed it too without me mentioning it, so it was definitely there. Not really a negative. The alcohol, which is rather high, is hardly if at all noticeable, even on the nose where I often sense it. I opened this just to confirm what to do with the Saxum mailer that is coming next week. For those of you who were hoping that I might have some extra bottles to share that I did not want, forget it. I might trade for things I don’t have, but otherwise this is a" bet the ranch and drink it all" wine. My wife says this wine needs a few more years. I think it’s great just as it is. We’ll never know about the aging curve. This was from our first allocation and I only had one. Parting is such sweet sorrow. (94 pts.)

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