TN: 2004 Roses de Jeanne / Cédric Bouchard Champagne Inflorescence Blanc de Noirs Cote de Bechalin

This was the highest effort I ever had for entering a vineyard.
Brad, sure, these things happen. There are German vineyards located in France. But now if you cannot find Cote de Bechalin under commune Celles-sur-Ource you can search and find it in Polisy.

Well hell Charlie…I just realized that YOU are involved(creator?) with WEINLAGEN map! I thought I had searched under all the surrounding villages…so you just added it to Polisy?

Love that map btw! [cheers.gif]

Yes, just added it when I knew where it is. Thank you! Everyone’s invited to contribute, find errors etc.

Simply create an account to contribute or easier to provide you with the information to update?

Both is possible and makes sense. In case you prefer an own account, just drop me an personal message

Impressive effort Charlie. And this made me realize that Cedric Bouchard is making wines closer to burgundy (eg Chablis or even Marsannay) than to Reims. Didn’t know they made champagne so far south.

Thank you. I am not the only contributor though. It’s the wikipedia-way.
Actually it can be educational and interesting to roam and use street view where available.