TN: 2004 Roses de Jeanne / Cédric Bouchard Champagne Inflorescence Blanc de Noirs Cote de Bechalin

  • 2004 Roses de Jeanne / Cédric Bouchard Champagne Inflorescence Blanc de Noirs Cote de Bechalin - France, Champagne (2/5/2021)
    Oldest CB I’ve had…brilliant golden metallic, green tinge color…engaging nose which instantly reminded me of DomP…yellow apple, smoky lees, chalky limestone, dried honey, caramel apples, griddled pancakes. Not an explosion upon popping the cork…mellow and graceful bubbles, yet the old dude can still light up the dance floor with a vibrant and refreshing tingle…lemon sours, green apple skin tartness with plenty of verve. Wonderful richness of orchard fruits…aged nuances of truffle butter, white honey…saline with chalky minerals…smoky match strike lees ala a fine Meursault…pretty florals of white flowers and apricot blossoms. Such class and brightness…in a perfect place right now…and an absolute PLEASURE to drink! (96 pts.)

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Drink now is always a good plan!

Good to hear it is drinking well at 16. Popularity with the somm crowd creates a perception that star grower champagnes should be consumed young. I am hopeful I can control the early gratification urge and have a fair amount of CB left to consume between ages 10 to 25.

Pure Envy! Thanks for the note.

Does anyone know to which village the Cote de Bechalin belongs?

Celles-Sur-Ourse I believe.

Could not find the lieu-dit in the cadastre

I can’t find it either? Help William Kelley! [help.gif]

You need the tissue paper the bottles are wrapped in, they show the cadastral map! I’m stateside right now so I can’t go into the cellar and grab one I’m afraid

I found that wrapper, but still cannot find the lieu dit Weiterleitungshinweis

Here is the Map:

But where is the Cote de Bechalin?

Didn’t have the time to look/pull out a wrapped bottle to cross reference. Will leave it to someone else here or perhaps I will out of curiosity over the next few days.

Curiosity is getting the best of me. Presle and Haute Lemble can be found in Section ZD01 at the link for those interested. Les Ursules and Creux d’Enfer (also appearing on ZH01) are in ZK01. There is a vineyard on ZH01 named “Les Cotes”, though I’m unable to match this up with the Bechalin label. Perhaps someone with some more time can take up the search.

Found both: the wrapper and the “Les Cotes” in ZH01. But it’s not the same.

According to the cadastre, it looks like it is technically in Polisy. Go to the eastern border of Polisy and it sits right up against Celles-sur-Ource’s western boundary a little south of the heart of the village.

Thanks Brad, so that and Val de Villaine both Polisy then? Remainder in Celles-sur-Ource…

Great help! Thank you! Here’s the result Weinlagen
Or mobile Weinlagen

According to the maps and land registration system, yes, but I know of numerous examples where the French cadastre says one thing and the wine grower/producer says another. This can be for historical reasons or for how the locals tend to refer to things. I’m not sure he would legally be able to state/print the Cote de Bechalin vineyard is in Celles-sur-Ource on the label or packaging (and he doesn’t), but it could certainly be talked about in that way or even written up in supporting materials (as long as no one complained).

Looks great!