TN: 2004 Poggio Bonelli Chianti Classico

This is my 2nd bottle of this wine with similar impressions. The wine is on the funk side. The barnyard smell/taste is so pervasive that it is basically undrinkable for me. Sorry Bebeto, but what you call “terroir” I call horse manure. But after all you get what you pay for!!! Either it is bad or I got a hold of a nasty batch. Any other impressions???


Otto, that stuff is flying out of here in case lots at the $12.99 price. A lot of people are loving it (skewing towards Brits, Italians and lovers of Mourvedre though). If YOU don’t we will make it right, give me a call tomorrow as I am out of here shortly.

Question: Did you air it and did you serve it with food?

Will do Bebeto, I’ll give you a buzz tomorrow, maybe ship the rest of the bottles back and the one open so that you get the idea. You are a gentleman as always, but I had to post the note! [foilhat.gif] Send me some bottles of Marzemino Dolce the fizzy stuff when you get some in. The last I had was from Ruggeri and I liked them a lot. I’ll make up the difference, of course.


Otto, Todd was just here buying some of that Chianti BASED ON YOUR TASTING NOTE. We’ve decided that you should give the extra bottles to him and I will hook you up with something more to your taste. Call me…

So far, I’m liking this Chianti. It’s surprisingly dark, and has a ton of acidity. It’s light in the midpalate, but I’m not getting any funk/brett that disturbs me, in fact, it’s got a bit of a nicely aged Rhone thing going on - just enough brett to make it interesting, lots of soil, leather, etc. I’m going to try it with some BBQ Chicken pizza!

Yeah, that’s some truly classic Classico. Try it with sausages and or salumi…

If I had them, I would, and luckily I have a few more bottles, so I WILL!

This is gaining some weight, which I like, as it’s gaining it on the midpalate, where it was sorely lacking.

For the price, a no brainer, IMHO