TN: 2004 Pax Syrah Castelli-Knight Ranch (USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley)

  • 2004 Pax Syrah Castelli-Knight Ranch - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (2/4/2010)
    A sensational wine. Dark ruby red. Very expressive red and black fruit aromas. Flavors of blackberry, rasberry, olive, tar, smoke and white pepper. A 60 second aftertaste. Sad to say I have no more of this. It is at a wonderful peak now and will hold this charm for 2-3 more years. (96 pts.)

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I am sure the winery has some for you.

Good to hear that it was good.

Sure? The 2004? On what do you base this? I suppose I had better email Joe and get me some of this.

I would guess that there was some in the library last year. Maybe not now, but worth a shot, right?

Only an email…

Mike, you are what PAX what Frank Murray is to Lucia. I read your notes twice. I too am a fan of the Castelli and just refilled my cellar with a bunch. No matter what the pundits say, these 2002-2005s are awesome.


This vineyard is top-flight, imo. Looking forward to popping one soon.

Really completely unintentional on my part. When I logged my celler on to CT back in December, I discovered that I had a huge oversuply of syrah, including lots of Pax. For the month + since then I’ve been burning through some of my older syrah, trying to bring my cellar into better balance.

What I’ve discovered is that the old Pax wine brand made some incredible wine. Also, that, against all odds, they seem to be improving with at least moderate age.

Joe Donelan is selling off old Pax inventory at firesale prices. A pretty great opportunity for syrah lovers. Joe can be reached through his website:

I just ordered a case of the 06 Griffins @ $33/btl


Did you see my recent TN of 2005 Charles Smith The Heart.

The stuff was gross…right up your alley!

Sorry to hear, Dan. The Skull we shared fared better, no?

Yes, I was not in love with it, but a better wine.

Mike, thanks for the note. I had the 05 of this pegged for my WOTY last year and it just fell a bit short of the Cayuse. I have one 2005 left, which I will save for another few months. Have always liked Castelli, so glad to see that Pax kept it for Wind Gap. The 2007 is pretty unique and it garnered a lot of discussion 2 weeks ago during Falltacular.

Hey Mike P, what’s Lucia? HA! 'bout time for some Gary’s here right quick!

Frank TONS of love in the las few months from 2005 Lucia Susans, 2004 Scholium Scytia, and todays 2005 Arnot-Roberts Hudson. As the years go on, more and more of my cellar becomes Cali Syrah weighted…


I just pulled the cork on a 2006 Lucia Garys’, taking it to dinner with the Dr Mrs. Beautiful aromatics and flavors…tn to come tomorrow, assuming I do not drink it all with dinner. Yikes