TN: 2004 Kistler Chardonnay Hudson Vineyard

2004 Kistler Chardonnay Hudson Vineyard – reticent nose of oil dip stick & white flowers, orange fruits and rambutan. after 30 minutes the motor oil recedes to creamy lemon bar with white pepper (or maybe cinnamon or paprika). awesome texture of lanolin zest and big lemon meringue flavors that sustain fo-evah. deep sniffs give me a volnay/pommard red burgundy nose of femaile, but the flavors change over time like a white 1er. bracing sustained acid and laser-like balance on the finish. no complaints.


Two weeks ago I opened a Kistler Vineyard 2004 that was given to me as a gift. I couldn’t drink it. I tried. The “motor oil” component is what troubled me - particularly in the nose. I had a friend with a more practiced palate come by and taste, and he found it fine. Not sure what your “lanolin zest” means…but unfortunately, I never derived the pleasure from my bottle that you did from yours.

thanks, merrill. i tend to enjoy motor oil in chardonnay, so i did not mind this note. but, it did fade over time and your practiced friend may have benefited from some aeration…?

‘lanolin zest’ was my effort to convey the texture in the mouth of a creamy yet spicy feel as it flowed through the mid-palate.

there are a few wines (US and french) in this ‘diesel oil’ school that tend to score high. i wonder what creates this note… either in the grape-growing or in the wine-making?

When you say diesel oil Ron, do you mean an oily texture on the palate, or on the nose? Enjoy the whole gambit of petrol, fuel, black tar you get in certain German Riesling and White Burgundies on the nose and very curious where that comes from as well? On many Kistler Chardonnays I have had, thought there was an oily mouth feel, but never a petrol nose so curious if that is what you picked up in the wine.

It was not the texture, but hugely on the nose and carried over to the palate. This bottle was given to me along with a couple of Aubert Chardonnays, and to my mind, these are worlds apart. And Nick, no, time open has not helped this bottle for my palate. Come on over - there is still half a bottle in the fridge…

When you say diesel oil Ron, do you mean an oily texture on the palate, or on the nose?

like merrill said: on the nose. it’s a dominant note that fades slowly over about an hour. the texture is a bit zesty, as i originally wrote, but not oily in the tangible sense.

i’m reminded this is an 04 Hudson Vineyard, whereas merrill’s is an 04 Kistler Vineyard. wonder if other Hudsons have this feature (or a bug in merrill’s case).

and yes, i agree Aubert is a world apart from this Hudson style, more like Peter MIchael, which you may also like, merrill.

nick, what riesling’s carry this motor oil note? that would be interesting. flirtysmile

Ron, the last several J J Prum wines opened had a distinct petrol note about them. If memory serves me: 1993 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese, 1994 J J Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese, and 1997 J J Prum Graacher Himmelreich Auslese.

Perhaps the next time you and Mishel are in town Ron, we could head over to Merrill’s and taste through her lineup? And with some Kistler, Aubert, Peter Michael or something else nice? But no Merrill, not the half bottle still in your fridge . . . :slight_smile: