TN: 2004 Karl Lawrence Cabernet Sauvignon

Wow, for being an 04 this is a tannic backwards wine. Most 04’s I have had have been much more plush and opulent than their 05 counterparts. I have 4 bottles left and will try to hold off till at least 2012 for my next bottle. Tons of promise here, just needs more time.

Popped the bottle and this was a tannic beast right out of the gate. After four hours of air this wine finally started to open up. Dark blue and black fruits on the nose, ripe blackberries and blueberries. Cool herbaceousness on the nose with fresh sage and mint leaves. Interesting sweet blood orange component coming through. Tons of interesting scents popping up after each swirl. Underneath all the fruit are layers of ground coffee beans, dark cocoa and a fresh creamy note. Palate is medium body, broad structure still showing and completely focused. Nutmeg, cedar box, black currants, plum and graphite. Throwing a bit of sediment as well. (92 pts.)

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Great note. I was going to open one this weekend, now I see reason not. Thanks.

The last time I had this I found it fairly backwards for what has been in general a precocious vintage for most Wineries. Looks like a healthy decant didn’t help too much. Have you tried the '05 lately?

I have had the 05 and surprisingly it is drinking well, much more so than the 04. I have been on a KL kick lately, drank a 97 tonight… note to follow.

I agree, the 05 is far more approachable than the 04 right now. At least the bottles are very consistent - my 04s will be resting for quite a while. The 03 is drinking nicely.

Good to know. I have had an 03 on deck for some time but keep forgetting to pull the cork.

My wife and I open one of these every year on our anniversary, June 19, as '04 is our wedding year. Good to know it needs a decant!
I agree about the '03 and '05s, drinking well!

I’ve been disappointed in nearly every Karl Lawrence I’ve ever had: 97, 98, 02, 04. The 03 started out ok, but went downhill fast imo. Odd b/c they have a niche following, but I just don’t understand the wines I guess.

Hmmm… I agree on the 02 and 04, I just think they are way to young at this point. Cant comment on the 98 as I have never had it but I did have the 97 this past weekend and it was excellent." onclick=";return false;

'98 was not impressive. Maybe the bottles I had werent properly stored (winebid), but nothing to search out…

That’s because you have no palate.