TN: 2004 Kaesler - "The Bogan" Shiraz

– decanted –
– tasted non-blind over two days –

NOSE: big-time black licorice and eucalyptus; shaved pencil and pencil lead; seriously dark fruits and mollases; a bit alcoholic; bouquet is typical of Barossa shiraz.

BODY: sediment present; garnet color of great depth; full bodied.

TASTE: incredibly lush - thick - mouthfeel; ripe fruits (cassis, concentrated blueberries); oak; moderately hot on Day 1; very nice acid/tannin balance; dark berry - chocolate shake; finish is approx. 40 sec. in length; syrup for pancakes; hint of sandalwood spice; full palate; slight manchego element in background emerges 5 hours after opening. Even better on Day 2, showing a bit more “old world” character than Day 1. This bottle purchased for $57 - might buy again at that price … very sad to have missed a recent opportunity to stock-up on this for $30 at K&L … derrr!!!

B: 50, 5, 12, 17, 8 = 92 (this is Day 1 score … on Day 2, I would either hold strong at “92” or bump up to “93”)

I think i might have one or two of these buried somewhere in the cellar, I’ll check it out this weekend. I think i paid about $28 when these where first released. Thanks for the note