TN: 2004 Hazyblur Shiraz Adelaide Plains AVOID THIS WINE

  • 2004 Hazyblur Shiraz Adelaide Plains - Australia, South Australia, Mount Lofty Ranges, Adelaide Plains (4/30/2009)
    Got this from Garagiste as I figured I never really drink Aussie Shiraz’s but I would give this a whirl. This was quite possiibly…no, make that this was DEFINITELY the worst bottle of wine I’ve had in the past year and a half. I don’t know if it was flawed, but whatever it was, it was awful. Disgusting. When first popped the nose wasn’t too bad. Chocolate, some dark fruits and game. Upon first sip it was disgusting. This weird milkshake like creamy mouthfeel (not in a creamy wine kinda way) but in an actualy Milkshake kind of way. Decided to put it in the fridge and try it the next day.

I came home from work and another bottle of wine was already opened. My wife said she would refuse to drink the Rancid bottle that was open from the previous night, but left it for me to try. I poured some in a glass, tried to smell it but really didn’t get much, took a sip and spit it right back out into the sink. THIS WAS WORSE THAN THE NIGHT BEFORE. It was absolutely disgusting. It was now a SOUR chocolate milkshake. If someone knows what kind of flaw this is, please let me know.

I really don’t know if this was flawed or just a horrendous bottle of wine, but either way, I got one more that I’m giving to someone I really don’t like as a gift. (if this isn’t a flawed bottle, then I would give it a 55.)

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You should use this as your buy-in for the poker game tomorrow. [laughingneqw.gif]

PC has their model and Garagiste has theirs . . . which I think is to buy closeouts. This wine has been sitting around FOREVER!

Ross Trimboli, the winemaker, is a cool dude. But I know Dan Phillips has had trouble selling this brand.