Tn:2004 Dehlinger Syrah Estate

Wow has this improved from the last bottle I had. A real pinot maker’s syrah. Lovely funky chcolate, blueberry and spicy brambly, peppery underbrush on the nose. Nice smooth supple texture on the palate - some tangy black fruit on the attack and a nice silky smooth hot cocoa finish. Lovely.

I had this several months ago, Jud…much as you describe.
Both Dehlinger and EricSussman/Radio-Coteau make Syrah like a Pinot producer.
It’s not about “mine is bigger than yours”, but of elegance/grace/finesse…but still
speaking loudly & clearly of Syrah.
Mighty fine them be.

I just packed up 5 cases to go to offsite storage and was intending to put my ‘05 Dehlinger Syrahs in there, but just couldn’t do it - I feel in the next year or so, those will be kickin’!

Dehlinger - love it, love it, love it.

And Tom is preparing to turn his attention back to old vine zin!!! [dance-clap.gif]

Shut. UP!!!

Sir, I do not jest:

It is thrilling to have Tom and Carole Meredith back in the arena (where they belong)!!!


Wait. Trust me on this. Yes, they will be better in a year or so. But they’ll be MUCH better in 5-10 years. Actually, they will be pouring some past vintages soon, will report back.

Yeah, just got the same lecture (sort of) from Whetstone this afternoon - guess I should put them in the off-site cellar to keep them away from my curious hands.