TN: 2004 Carlisle Zinfandel Pietro's Lane

Pop and pour last night. Very reductive nose that I found odd for a zin and a Carlisle zin at that. The palate was off with muted fruit and noticable heat. After an hour or so the heat became managable, but the wine otherwise never blossomed. Go figure.


Maybe an off bottle or more proof that zin’s need to be drunk early? I never like my zins with too much age on them; usually 5 years max for me.

I have had '03 zins from Mike that were kicking and screaming like a baby. I think this is an off bottle…at least I hope so since I still have quite a few '04s left.

I tend to agree with this, but there are some wineries producing Zins that handle age quite well. Nalle, Storybook and Ridge come to mind as Zins that I usually enjoy both younger and older. Of course, my palate is rather strange.