TN - 2003 Rowland Wild Thyme Vyd PN (Cent. Otaga, NZ)

I tried an older vintage of Rowland’s Central Otaga Jill’s Vyd (1997, I think) and loved it. When two bottles of this came up on winebid back in June, I snapped them up. Or I should say I stole them at $15/bottle. We opened the first of the two tonight.

Lots of dark fruits on the nose with hints of leather. The first glass was a dead ringer for a young RRV pinot with bright red fruits and cherry sweet tarts. After an hour, the wine still had the RRV nose, but had morphed into a subtle Burgundian flavor profile with the fruits more muted behind loam, spice and tobacco. Would’ve been interesting to taste over several hours, but I was competing with my wife for this juice - only lasted about 90 minutes. A very nicely balanced wine that was a pleasure to drink. I suspect it is on the outer edge of its drinking window.

I still can’t believe I got this for $15. Wish I had more.

Great note Jay. I’ve been on the hunt for some good NZ Pinots, so I’ll definitely add this one to the list.