TN: 2003 Rochioli Estate Pinot Noir

Enjoyed my last 2003 Rochioli Estate Pinot Noir last night. Popped 30 minutres before drinking. Wonderful flavors of red and black cherry with a little spice and maybe some forest floor. Nice balance. I saved half the bottle to finish tonite. Hate to see this one go!

Nice note, Pete. This is a strong wine that’s drinking well now. You definitely get the Sweetwater Vineyard influence here quite a bit … excellent RRV expression.

The fruit faded a bit by Day 2, but still very nice.

Tom- IIRC the % of Sweetwater fruit jumped significantly from prior years in the blend starting with 2003.

had the 2005 last night with friends in to watch The US Open. took nearly an hour to open up but it did so with real aplomb. strong bottle that sadly is well N of $50 in the current 2007 vintage.

Which is why I stopped buying this year. Good to hear that the 2005 is doing well - I have a couple that I’ll give six more month of rest.

Sadly I’m on the fence too - after being a mailing list buyer since the '94 vintage.

everyone who shared this wine yesterday Mike all thought next summer would begin the sweet spot!

The 2007 from the mailing list was not well north of $50. I’ll need to double check my records for the exact price. IMO Rochioli deserves props for making quality wines at more than fair prices.


I would have to agree with Tom. I don’t believe the estate is " well N of $50 in the current 2007 vintage." I will have to double check my records.
The SVD wines are a different story…but still relatively well priced.


i was in their tasting room in April (packed on a Saturday) and the 2007 Estate PN was $54 or $55. i am pretty sure the 2005 was $46 when i purchased a few bottles in 2006.

Wow, going to $54 or so would be aggressive for the 2007 … big jump from 2006. I do love the Rochioli wines. Pete – you’re definitely right that the Sweetwater part of the blend jumped a lot in 2003. Believe it was 60%+ or so of the blend? Anyway, excellent wine.

I would love to get off the waiting list purgatory from Rochioli … 6.5 years and counting now …

Nice notes Pete. The 2003 Estate tasted at the winery back in 2005 was the bottle that turned me on to this place (back before I was a regular on the boards). I feel like that was in the $35-40 range back then. I picked up a handful of the 2004s locally at retail. They were pretty tasty but not as good as the 03 IMO. I have passed on newer vintages based on price hikes and my impressions of the 04. I’m also on the waiting list since May 2005 - that doesn’t sound like it will change any time soon, though.

2007 Estate PN price confirmed to be $48 from the mailing list…

with a little luck i’ll be in W Co on July 1st and i may just stop by to recheck the tasting room price. 07 Special Cuvee may be around then too?

you guys were right, 07 Estate is $48 and still available. not sure if i heard wrong or was told wrong when last in the room. 07 Special Cuvee will be $36 and is not yet for sale.