TN 2003 Rene Rostaing Puech Chaud

We’ve opened several bottles of this over the last year or two. This wine, from Rostaing’s Coteaux du Languedoc properties, never fails to please.

Composed of 80% syrah, the balance grenache and mourvedre, the wine is clear and garnet in the glass. When we opened it last night, the initial nose was wild and stinky - but in a very good way. Second night and it’s a more tamed-down combination of leather, earth, and dark fruits. On the palate, it’s almost pinot-like in its silkiness. More plummy berry flavors in the front, but lively rather than ponderous. Medium finish with fine tannins complementing nice mushroomy funk and slippery fruitiness.

Even though this is from the blistering 2003 vintage, it’s not goopy or heavy. It’s substantial, but balanced with enough acidity to classify as a medium-bodied drink, suitable for lighter meats and pasta dishes. Best with food, I think, but with enough interest to satisfy all by itself.

The strangest thing about this wine is that we bought maybe a half case and have easily gone through seventeen bottles. And I keep finding more of them.

I love the wines that go through mitosis - you buy 6 and in no time have 24 of them! ahhahaa, this wine must have been good - either that or Melissa is on the smack again! (to all law enforcement spying on berserkers - I’m kidding)

We’ve consumed our “last bottle” of this several times, but a few days ago I found THREE of them. I’d be really freaked out that someone’s fucking with me, but if the end result is free wine, I’m really okay with it.