TN: 2003 Pride Petite Sirah/2004 Pride Mtn Top Cuvée Chard..

Hey…don’t forget Pride Mountain…some of THE best wines made in Napa Valley…

2003 Pride Mountain Vineyards Petite Sirah - USA, California, Napa Valley (5/14/2009)This is just a sleeping giant! VERY tannic, dark and grapey. My note is from the second day…the first day was just too tight! Dense and grapey blueberry, blackberry fruit…extracted…long legs in the glass. Gripping teeth staining tannins(I like the pain!), dark cocoa, kirsch, some graphite dust, florals. What I love about Petite is…it’s a tannic MONSTER…yet smoooooth and soft as a silk pillow. This is a text book Pride Mtn Petite…is it an amazing drink…NO, not right now…what it is, is classic Pride Mtn fruit…in a HUGE scale…tasty, yet more so with its promise. LOVE these wines…just catching them at the perfect time will be somewhere between now…and the year 2050! Anyone who owns any of these wines from Pride…do yourself a favor and hold on to at least 1 bottle for 20+yrs…I’m thinkin something very special is in store??? (93 pts.)

2004 Pride Mountain Vineyards Chardonnay Vintner’s Select Cuvée Mountain Top Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County (5/14/2009)Man…after a few weeks with White Burgs…this is a SHOT of juice in the veins! For what it is…this is an amazing White! Very rich, complex, big Cali Chard. Love the butterscotch, lemon creme, honey comb, smoked hazelnut, toasted vanilla oak barrel. Does have some flinty Meursault-ness to it, as well as that match strike…but no mistaking BIG BALLS California here…all well balanced. Tasty big…Kistler-esk. One of Prides best Chards imo. (95 pts.)


Good to see you over here Brian. [cheers.gif]

It’s about time somebody showed Pride some love over here!! Great notes Brian! l last opened a 2003 Petite back in June 2008 and scored it a 93 as well. No notes to speak of, just a score, but now I have your notes for a point of reference.

As for the chard, these are among the very few chards that I actually enjoy. I haven’t had the 04 but it sounds great. [cheers.gif]