TN: 2003 Loring Wine Company Pinot Noir Brosseau Vineyard DRINK UP NOW!

A heavy nose of nail polish remover with smokey baked bread. A thin midpalate of sweet brown sugar and raspberries with a really long finish of funk and grape juice. I"m not used to having my grape based wine tasting like Welch’s grape juice :wink:. This wine has seem far better days, maybe it’s the synthetic cork? or maybe these are just made for earlier consumption. shrug. Over the hill, drink up now!

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Probably the synthetic cork. I’ll gladly replace it - with a bottle from the current vintage. Could you ask Rick to contact me at I’m not sure I have his current email address.

sent him an email brian. Customer service at its best! Thanks Brian!! [worship.gif]

Just opened up 4 cases mixed of 2004s, all garbage!

Brian, You have my email address?


neener Actually, if you really did, we wouldn’t hesitate to replace them. [berserker.gif] No customer should EVER be expected to “eat” a bad bottle - whether it was corked, oxydized by a bad synthetic, etc. Wine costs too much as it is.

Too bad. I am voting cork. Most of the wines (other producers) from 04 or older are undrinkable … and un-smellable.

Glad everyone got rid of them corks.


In fairness to Brian, he encourages his clients to drink his wines within a few years of release.

Agreed but this was a victim of the cork … not the juice.


Correct. The sythetics didn’t work as advertised. After switching to Stelvin with the 2004 vintage, we haven’t seen any issues with the wines.

Thanks! Rick emailed me and the replacement is on its way.

si, similar to an alcina i had a lil while back.

got quick email from brian…even when i told him he didn’t need to replace it but…he insists on it and its coming tomorrow. wow…what a great customer service!
thanks brian.

FWIW the few Loring Llama Pinot Noirs I managed to get my hands on were in fine shape when I opened them. I don’t know when the problem started but it didn’t affect me.

Actually it was an exercise in frustration, I was trying to use them as an object lesson to explain why, say, red Burgundy (or Bordeaux, whatever) was a better wine. It was like giving a kid a choice between chocolate and caviar, you can explain about caviar until you are blue in the face but the kid is going to prefer the chocolate. “Now, I know this wine is enjoyable, but what is WRONG with it is…” “Never mind that, can I have another glass? Can you get more of this stuff??”

just want to say “thanks” to brian for sending me a new bottles! he went beyond more than he should of by including bottle of chard!
never tried his chard…now i am looking forward to trying this.

You’re very welcome. Sorry again for the bad bottle.

really not your fault :wink: