TN: 2003 Hermitage

2003 M.Sorrel - Hermitage: Les Rocoules

This rare bottle of white Hermitage was a generous gift from a very good friend of mine, who bought it on release. Popped and poured, 14.5% alcohol. The rich yellow colour is clear. A subtle nose of beeswax and quince jam, with a citrus element in the background. The mouthfeel is soft yet with an underlying freshness. The white stone fruit profile is not clearly defined, but rolls casually across my tastebuds. An enjoyable wine but one that needs no further ageing, for my tastes. It paired well with a poached salmon fillet at dinner.

Nice photos to go with the notes…I think I aimed to drink all the 2003 wines in my cellar back around 2012. I just didn’t see the need to hang onto the wines (even the well reviewed ones) given the sense of warmth in the vintage. I need to be drinking more N Rhone whites…this sounds like a special treat, what a kind gift.