TN: 2003 Giuseppe Quintarelli Bianco Secco Veronese IGT (Italy, Veneto, Veronese IGT)

  • 2003 Giuseppe Quintarelli Bianco Secco Veronese IGT - Italy, Veneto, Veronese IGT (4/5/2011)
    P&P. A lovely bottle of wine. Flowers, perfume, slightly of licorice, with a little early Sancerre bent. But it is very crisp and light. The wine is fluid and yummy in the mouth. In fact, at first feel it seems a little thick, of viscous, but in reality it was light and nimble. Later it reminded me a little of the licorice (barely) tinted Friulano from Schiopetto. The nose also adds some yummy sour cheese with a hint of cherry. This delicious wine has all kinds of things going on and I really like it. And it’s a good first from Quintarelli. (92 pts.)

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Thanks for the note Charlie. Are you cellaring these? Good to see it holding up nicely!

Anthony, I have had these at 55° since release. I bought a mixed case of these a few years back. The only Quintarelli I have ever had.

You should change that soon [basic-smile.gif]

Going to Verona in July.Anyone know if Quintarelli accepts visitors?


I visited in 1999. Made a reservation but not sure it is required. The place is tiny but fun, you get to taste stuff, and buy it right there - but bring plenty of Euros, cash only. I also got to meet Beppe Quintarelli, who I believe is still running the place. A great fun time.