TN: 2003 Core Blend 442 Alta Mesa

  • 2003 Core Blend 442 Alta Mesa - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County (3/26/2009)
    Drank this over two nights and it drank equally well over both. Distinct CA fruit profile showing blackberry liqueur that fills the mouth but also shows a ton of provencial herbs/spices along with a little black pepper and a touch of red licorice. Enough acidity to so that the wine never gets heavy at all…finish is medium=short. All in a drinking very well right now…I loved Dave’s 03’s. (91 pts.)

I found myself a big fan of Dave’s wines - I need to procure some. The Grenache and Mourvedres are fantastic.

Todd - if you do, I would suggest taking advantage of his “futures” pricing. Something like 20% off which make the Elevation Sensation around $30.

No affiliation other than Dave being a friend.

Elevation Sensation is fantastic, that and Mister Mourvedre

Actually 30% off.


barrel tasted through a lot of his wines a few weeks ago, really good stuff. I really like his cab based wines, something about them I can’t quite put my finger on!

How is eveyone tonight?

The futures is 30% off as Jason metioned. The event is happening at the winery this Friday-Sunday.

So far the most popular wines have been the Alta Mesa Vineyard wines, Hard Core, Ground Around, Laetitia Tempranillo, Kuyam Cuvee Nolan, Turchi Cab, b. core and C3 Crazy 8’s. I think Charlie did a speed tasting through all of them. The Kuyam wines are the cab bases blends.

CORE wine company

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