TN: 2003 Cadence Ciel Du Cheval Red

I wasn’t going to drink last night but…how can you watch football without a drink in your hand?

Pop and Pour.

This is a very nice well balanced wine that was drinking well from the start. Lots of blackberry, blueberry and tobacco, not a lot of oak and medium long finish. This was better than expected and went well with a nice effort from the Wa. Huskies.

Well worth the $19.99 I payed for it.

I haven’t had a Cadence wine that I haven’t liked, and for 20 beans it’s a hell of a good wine. Thanks for the note.

$20? Bargain!

Yeah, $20 is the price of the Coda. This 2003 Ciel du Cheval should have been about $32-35.

Nice wines. Nice people.

Eric, I was able to buy a few cases for half price from my local Albertson’s…I even sold some to Roy and Brain Abramson.

I, too, very much enjoy Cadence wines with the CdC being my favorite year in and year out. However, we tasted their Camerata at the winery last March and I need to order some of those in the fall.

Their new bike jerseys rock too.