TN: 2002 Sineann Pinot Noir Resonance Vineyard (USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley)

  • 2002 Sineann Pinot Noir Resonance Vineyard - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (3/15/2019)
    Opened and tasted over two days. Medium color with a clear rim. The color shows no sign of age. The nose is fresh and lively with sweet spiced red fruit and briar. The palate displays the gentle sweetness I associate with great Pinot. Again, fresh with layers of red cherries, blackberries, Asian spice and sweet herbs. The flavors build on the palate with concentration yet the wine remains “light on it’s feet.” The finish is exceptionally long and satisfying. An Oregon “Grand Cru” for sure. 95pts. Drink now through 2024. My last bottle.
    Disclaimer: I represent Sineann in Maine. (95 pts.)

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Nice TN, John. Sounds tasty indeed.

Great notes. Sineann does an excellent job on all their wine. We keep half bottles of the Oregon Pinot for that one more glass of Pinot and the Zin gets paired with spicy dinners. [thumbs-up.gif]

Thanks. I have a few of the 2002 Resonance left. These age very nicely especially for those who find them too big on release.

Loren, the Sineann Resonance Pinots do become quite elegant with 10+ years in the cellar. I recently had the 2001–the last to be labelled as “Reed & Reynolds Vineyard” and with both Peter Rosback and David O’Reilly named on the back label. It was a wonderful example.


Which distributor in Maine has Sineann? Are you in & around Portland or farther north?

I had six of these. Last one opened around 2015. I like Sineann’s lower priced reds (pinot, red blends) but I did not dig the Resonance. I got some of the flavors you describe but not

the finish is exceptionally long and satisfying

part. In fact, everyone of the five bottles I opened across time-I gave one away as a gift-had a rather clipped finish and I got absolutely no fanning out of flavors that I get with my favorite producers.

Good to hear that the 2002 Resonance has finally turned the corner! Like Mitch, I’ve found it short in the finish. I was kicking myself every time I opened one as I was committing infanticide.
2002 was one of our great vintages here in Oregon (like 1999 and 2008), and like those vintages, the wines either took or are taking a long time to come around. Wasn’t there just a thread where some were beating up 2008 as overrated? Hang on - the vintage is still young!

Peter Rosback

Sineann (ITB)

Nice to have you chime in, Peter! Cheers!

One heck of a gracious, cool response. Makes me determined to buy some more Sineann. Thanks Peter.

Thanks for the great notes, John. Sounds like it is time to plan to open my final bottle.

It was so sad when Jadot bought the whole vineyard and Peter was cut out here. To me, this was his best site. These wines can be extremely special. I have a few left. Not this year however. Peter is a brilliant winemaker. My friend Joel probably has more years of this than anyone I know. I need to ask him about how they are doing. Cheers.

Seems similar to when Vlossak got cut off from access to the Seven Springs fruit.

The Seven Springs thing was unique. It wasn’t sold, the many longtime buyers just got cut out when one out of state buyer cut a long term deal on the grapes. It was really weird at the time.

Resonance was Kevin and Carla Chambers’ baby, they wanted to sell and it was available. The new owners obviously had their own plans for the fruit. That happens and is more common.

So really different situations.

I agree they were different in the fact that one was due to a property sale, but my point is that we are seeing the case of two winemakers who truly knew how to make great wine out of a particular vineyard, that no longer have access to do so on their terms.


Sineann will soon be available in Maine through National Distributors.

Peter, I also recently drank my last bottle of 2001 then called “Reed & Reynolds Vineyard”. You and David O’Reilly grace the back label as winemakers. Not the power of the 2002 but very elegant and pretty. No sign of undue age.