TN:2002 Peju Province Petit Verdot

Went for something off the beaten path tonight.

Still very dark and brooding, no signs of any age. Quite tannic and tight at first, but as it opened up lovely nose of briary blackberries , limestone and espresso. Some nice fruit on the attack but still full on tannic finish, quite long. Better with burgers than drinking on its own - some fat to balance the tannins was good.

Ironically, I was at Peju last week - first time I had heard of the winery. Unfortunately, however, I did not taste any Petit Verdot (or Petit Sirah, if they make that as well), but had a wonderful Reserve Cab Franc. The lofty price kept me squarely out of the purchase line, however. Peju has an enviable area for their vineyards, to be sure.

A friend in the business bought a couple of cases of this on close out, so the price was pretty reasonable. I agree, otherwise you are paying a hefty premium for the location. I think the French knew what they were doing when they used Petit Verdot as a blending wine - it is too monolithic as a single varietal.

Agreed that their cab franc is really good. A few years ago a girlfriend casually pulled out a bottle of their 1994 cab franc (non-reserve) that she’d been holding onto for years. She warned me it had not been stored well, and indeed the cork was very crumbly. After digging that out, we tasted the wine, and it was DELICIOUS. I married her. (Ok, not on the spot, and not because of that.)

I just picked up some of their 03 CS at auction. Will post results when I have some.

It makes for a great wine reduction.

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