TN: 2002 Outpost Petite Sirah The Other (USA, California, Napa Valley, Howell Mountain)

  • 2002 Outpost Petite Sirah The Other - USA, California, Napa Valley, Howell Mountain (6/15/2009)
    Deep inking dark color. Opened and got a funky nose of brett. Upon tasting got seriouos blue and black fruits. After about an hour still got brett on the nose with blue fruit starting to show. Some chalkiness there as well. Decant finish, but there is touches of eat there. Liked it now, but could be drank now or later. Think it will stay where it is at.

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Hi Sean,

What do you mean by “Think it will stay where it is at.”?

Interesting note. Is this your first Outpost Petite?

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed brett in an Outpost wine.

I think it will stay where it is at with where all the components are in the wine. Someone once mentioned to me a curious question about petite and that is, “Does it age or just get older?” It was a nice wine that I liked. Wish I had another bottle to test this question. I do have an 03 of this same wine I think I will have to open and check out.

Mike, this is not my first Outpost Petite, but I have probably only had a half dozen bottles over the years.

Mark, I got brett initially, it did start to subside as the night went on, but was still there. On the next day it was much more fruit driven

FWIW - this is the first bottling of “The Other”. In 2001, the block of fruit that makes up “The Other” was blended with the block of Petite Sirah that now is the Howell Mtn Petite Sirah.

Most of the howell mtn Petite block was replanted to Cabernet in 2007 so essentially all that remains is the fruit that makes up “the other”.

The Other block is plant material originally from the Hayne Vineyard. While the Petite Sirah block was from Randy Dunn’s vyd, IIRC.

Shouldn’t be any brett as Thomas bottles really clean. I do notice though a little bit of funk when you first open both Petite’s. That funk subsides with a little air as you found out.

Finally - a little distinction. I have always found the Howell Mtn Petite to be the more rustic/claret like wine of the two. The Other, a little more fruit driven.


Thanks for the info.