TN: 2002 Nicolas Potel Pommard 1er Cru Les Épenots

  • 2002 Nicolas Potel Pommard 1er Cru Les Épenots - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Pommard 1er Cru (2/4/2010)
    Overall, this is still rather austere and hard. It shows some signs of potential…bright, tart-cherry fruit, tea, and wet forest floor. But it goes from showing out to slightly closed, to tight, to clamped down and back again. Still pretty aggressive on the backside. See you in another 3-5 years…

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Ouch sounds like a rough outing. This is what I was expecting from my 02 Jadot Rugiens a couple weeks back.

It flirted with moments of coming around, then it would slam closed pretty quickly.
Drinking a few ounces right now. Hasn’t changed much.
Needs time. I hope.

Have you tried decanting it? Sometimes it can wake up sullen burgs.

I did decant last night, but only about 30 minutes.
May decant the last 6oz or so right now and see what’s up after I get back from an early dinner tonight.

If only there were some effective way to predict. Hard to know if/when it’ll open in terms of hours, days, etc. There are scattered reports of success after weeks of post-opening refrigeration. I clearly remember a young Gouges NSG 1er that was double decanted but remained locked up tight for 2 days. It gave a fleeting glimpse on day 3 and finally revealed some attractive character on day 4. I’m sure it will outlive most of us.


Absolutely - probably goes for all wines.

Dropped the last 8 oz in a small decanter before leaving for a quick early dinner.
Came back, it’s smoother now, with notes of iron and minerals. Acidity still lifts the palate and finish is not nearly as aggressive. Should have dumped this in the decanter for much longer last night. Nicer now.