TN: 2002 Louis Jadot Corton-Charlemagne

  • 2002 Louis Jadot Corton-Charlemagne - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru (4/23/2010)
    OMG, no oxidation here. This was a baby killing out of fear of premature oxidation. This is very yummy and extremely serious juice. An interesting balance of lime, lemon-creamsicle, shiitake mushroom, gunflint, and salt water explode from the glass. The palate is still rather embryonic and unformed, supple and yet surprisingly full and oily. The finish is breathaking, literally a minute of reverberation, hazelnut oil, explosive notes of green apple, hints of lime, at once both mouthwatering and mouthcoating. This is such a paradoxically full and fresh wine. (95 pts.)

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That wine is full of win. Thanks for the note Eric.

Big old bucket of does…Killer note

Over on eBob, my last thread, I listed out my small assortment of White Burg and asked which would be the highest risk for premox, and this was top of the list. Someone had gone through 8 bottles of this one that were all spoiled. Having tasted a good one that is a crime, as this was majestic. I suspect it’s all downhill from here for me as I work my way through the rest of my small white burg collection.

Don’t necessarily count it out Eric. We had an '05 Jadot Montrachet this weekend that was absolutely sublime - especially after about three hours in the glass. By far one of the best White Burgundy experiences of my life.

My motto now is:

Drink 'em young, decant 'em long, buy no more.

Your right Ed, that wine was so good it’s got me interested again in burgs.

When it’s right it’s such an exciting wine. Based on the less-than-satisfactory response from the importer when I asked how they were handling what seemed like a colossal failure across-the-board, I won’t buy again, and I will miss the Jadot whites.

Except when it is sadly so full of epic failure.

I still buy White Burgundy selectively, but I’m reluctant to hold them very long. The '02 Jadots–in particular–have been cited as having a high rate of failure. Still, similarly to your experience, the '02 Jadot BM that I had last month was enjoyable (if still young) with no sign of premox. I’m not willing to wait any longer on my '02s.

Supposedly step were taken that may have cured the problem. I’ll be curious to see how the '05s hold up.

I’m glad you had a winner of a bottle Eric, sounds straight up awesome. My track record w/ 02 Jadot whites in the past 2-3 years is 0 for 5 or 6, sadly.

Luckily (knock on wood) I’m doing pretty well with 04’s from all producers but I’m hurrying through them at the moment.


Speaking generally, in one of the POX threads that was very active before the shutdown, Don Cornwell passed on that Allen Meadows was of the belief that 04 would be less affected because the growers spraying for oidium trapped sulfur in the bunches that provided additional free sulfur at crush. I think that’s what he wrote, though I may have misunderstood or remembered wrongly.

As to Jadot 04s specifically - troubled. Both village Puligny and Puligny Folatieres have been problematic for me.

I just picked up 4 bottles of this and have yet to open one. I’m sure hoping mine turn out to be like Eric’s!

Now I’m torn. After reading all the premox talk (esp. about this wine), I was prepared to kill them off in short order. Then, I read a note like this and I’m being told to hold. If mine are starting to premox, whatever they are today is the best that they will ever be from this point forward. If they aren’t, then opening now will be baby killing. What to do?

I supposed I’ll start with one soon and see how it is, but that doesn’t really tell me anything about the other 3. Arghhhh!!!



Agreed, this is a fabulous bottle of wine. You have something like this and you want to forget about all of the PoX issues out there because there really is no equal (for me) to a good white burg.

I guess it’s time to do another Gewurztraminer dinner at Yujean Kang.

As for the 2002 Jadot, this is the one single bottle from Premier Cru that I ordered but did not receive (one out of 500 or so isn’t too bad). I’ll have to wait a few years and try the 2006 which I took as a replacement.


[scratch.gif] They had this “in stock” when I took a couple of bottles as a replacement. Your probably better off though, those two bottles while not totally POX, were advanced for thier years.


A bit late in the response, but thanks for the note.

I think Jadot’s Corton Charlie is one of the most underrated white wines in Burgundy - from the few that I have tasted, they have all been consistently great. Very different from BdM no doubt, but really lovely in their own way.

Obviously good karma rewards you for drinking and posting here !