TN: 2002 Kruger-Rumpf Münsterer Pittersberg Riesling Eiswein (Germany, Nahe)

  • 2002 Kruger-Rumpf Münsterer Pittersberg Riesling Eiswein - Germany, Nahe (3/13/2021)
    Laura likes to drink dessert wines in the afternoon, rather than late in the evening, when we are barely awake enough to enjoy them. That’s a smart idea IMO, and not just because I am married to her.

So for International Riesling Day, we settled on this nearly 20 year old Eiswein. It was a good time to drink it. It’s not mature in the sense of some fully resolve, mythical plateau, but it is of a piece. There’s nothing to tease out as part of a fruit salad description, because the aromas and flavors are integrated. We kept puzzling over how to describe it, and I eventually settled on pineapple upside down cake. Of course no upside down cake ever has the blistering acidity of an Eiswein, and that’s what keeps the wine from being cloying like can happen with the dessert. We sipped on the half bottle for an hour, enjoying the wine and each other’s company, while a cat settled in Laura’s lap. Happy International Riesling Day everyone.

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What a lovely note. I love wine tasting notes with cats in them.

I also like having anything sweet earlier in the day rather than at night. I don’t sleep well if I have sugar before bed.

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