TN- 2002 Huet - Le Haut Lieu - Demi Sec - I lucked out

As I recall, Brad Kane said the premox rate was bad on these. No problemo here.

Just a gorgeous medium golden hue, with a hint of raisins and botrytis on the nose. Slightly sweet – drying out a bit in a magical, autumnal way. Some chenin bees wax, a trace of pear. Great acidity that plays off the remaining sugar. All in perfect balance. Rich yet kept taught by the acidity. Long finish. 92 for me tonight. I’m sure this will hold on for many, many more years but it was lovely tonight.

We were bemoaning the fact that we didn’t have some pate to go with it.

all mine have been great no premox yet

That’s good news. I have several '02 Huet Moelleux 1ère Trie, from both Clos du Bourg and Le Mont. I’m hoping they’re sound for years to come.

Nice to see. Every now and then you get a good one.
I’m sure you’ve seen the '02 Huet premoxed thread on Wine Disorder? Huet 2002 Wiki

Dale poured us a 97 (I think) which was in solid shape, but I thought it was a heavy wine to start with.

Why doesn’t some residual sugar protect from oxidation?

A lot does. The '02 1ere Trie bottlings seem to be the only bottlings from them that year that haven’t yet shown premox.

The demi-sec isn’t that sweet.

Had an '07 Huet LHL Demi last night with sushi. Absolutely no problems.

The only vintages I’ve seen it in is '02 and to a little bit with the '95 Sec and demi and a couple of bottles of '96 sec. Neither of those remotely close to the scale if '02, but also smaller data points.

Agreed on the premiere tries. The '02 Clos du Bourg Moelleux seems to be fine also. We’ve had 4 or 5 out of the case and they’ve all been wonderful. 2002 was a great year in Loire!

I’ve had a rate of about 50% pe-moxed with my 02 haut lieus and my clos du bourgs, so you guys are lucky. On the other hand, every bottle of my 02 petillants have been great. I have a couple left and I’m crossing my fingers.

I have always loved the Le Mont. I enjoyed it with duck and scallion “pancakes” and a steak at Lucky Palace Chinese restaurant in 2005. The white wine went beautifully with the steak. I would dare say that Vouvray/Savennieres would go with almost any food.

Your thoughts on pairings?

The other thing to keep in mind is the horrible heat during the European summer/autumn of 2003.

Anything which sat in a non-refrigerated warehouse, or on a shipping dock in a non-reefered container, was likely destroyed.

The more I think about it, the more I feel like that could have been what happened to the 2002 Donnhoffs - it’s entirely possible that they were toasted to a crisp before they even left Europe.

I’ve had uneven experience with '02 Huet Petillant. Or whatever you call it when you expect a wine to be oxed and sometimes it isn’t.

Brad and I have exchanged emails in the past when I raised the possibility of shipping conditions in the 2002 Huet prem-ox story, prompted by my feeling that prem-ox was more prevalent in the USA than it was in the UK. I will let him respond to the comment on shipping.

In the UK I see some prem-ox on the 2002 pétillants, secs and demi-secs, but with a hit rate of less than 50% across the board.

Sweeter wines have been OK.

I opened a 2002 LHL sec a few weeks ago that was quite oxidized; ditto another bottle a year ago. They were Chadderdon imports, bought in early 2004 directly from our local distributor. A .375, bought a few months later from the same distributor, was brilliant when I had it in June '04.

I haven’t had it in a number of years, but I had three or four bottles over several years, the last maybe four years ago, and they showed quite differently – some quite fresh, others less so, though none spoiled.

I drank the 02 CdB Moulleux last week and it was terrific.

Only yours. I have been drinking them recently, and they are stunning. Come to Connecticut, and I will open some for you.

I have had two totally shot, but every other bottle (and I have had a lot) was great. The dead bottles came from the same source, at the same time as the good ones.