TN: 2002 Faiveley NSG Clos de la Marechale

I recall being excited when the Clos de la Marechale reverted to J.F. Mugnier, but when I drink Faiveley’s version I am not so sure that the excitement was warranted. This was from a half bottle. It is beginning to show some bricking. The nose is about a lot of things other than fruit. There is some serious Nuits iron and iodine action going on, with some sous bois creeping in along with a smidge of barnyard. The fruit that is found on the nose is red and dusty. On the palate, it meets the rule of every good wine by registering cool, and if one wanted a wine to teach Nuits-St.-George 101, this would be a good candidate as when it fans out and penetrates the palate, it is of equal parts nicely tart, red fruit and iron/soil, and it finishes with pleasing grip. With a salmon burger and an ocean breeze blowing through the dining room of our old, craftsman beach cottage, I rate it 91.23 on the Dan Kravitz scale.