TN: 2002 Cos D'estrournel

Purchased on release. 13.5% ABV. I have not tried Cos since probably the 03 vintage and have heard it has morphed into the dark side, but this is a delightful drink. PNP. Color looks like a 5 year old wine. Silky texture, mid weight, fresh and crunchy iron-y fruit, it’s certainly left bank bordeaux but also has more than a passing resemblance with a northern syrah. Could be partially a product of the lean vintage (a total success for the vintage), but I very much like what is in the glass. Plenty of life left here, and in excellent balance. Drink or hold.

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Thanks for the TN. I quickly had to check the online remote inventory and glad to see that I did purchase and had stored a few at-release bottles. Good to know that it is aligned with the classic-style, cool fruit, vintage characteristics.

Ramon, I think our palates have a lot in common based on comments we have made on each others notes in the past. I think you will much enjoy this bottle.

Nice to have more confirmation of the slowly-leaking secret of the 2002 left bank. I can vouch for anything with the word “Leoville” in it.

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I had this about a year ago, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Similar impression, and I liked it better than the 2003 a month ago, which despite reports about “the dark-side” I found to be a bit understated if anything.

I totally love the 02 Cos and consider myself a traditionalist. Good stuff!

Agreed Angelo, and good to hear from you! Hope all is well.

Thx for the note. One left in my cellar. Been keeping tabs on notes. Its something that I’ll be popping soon I suspect, holidays.