TN: 2002 C Moreau Valmur

Light yellow colour. Medium intense and very complex nose of stone pit and apple fruits, waxy honey and lanolin, seashell and floral aromatics. Very rounded and ripe on the palate, puckery impression of minerals and talc, rich mid-palate dominated by minerals and peach. Medium length. Still a ways to go, not really secondary and frankly outstanding wine.

Less advanced than a bottle of Les Clos from C Moreau this time last year.
This was part of a ‘practice dinner’ with spot prawns and some morels later this week.

Practice huh? Looking forward to the real edition.

I have gone through a case or so of this and the Clos, must say I did find some bottle variation, with a few on the edge of pre mox, and others fine.

I thought that the Valmur was the better of the two wines, for what that’s worth…and overall a nice Chablis.

Interesting Paul, I had brief samples of this on release but this was my first bottle. I have been buying every vintage since 2002 and have maybe 30+ bottles of Grand Cru C Moreau and figured I should be checking in on them more often.



I had them early on as well, but they did develop faster than most more classical GC Chablis would have, so I decided it was time to drink up, even though they will still live for a while yet (the Valmur perhaps more so).