TN: 2002 Bouchard Père et Fils Meursault 1er Cru Les Perrières

  • 2002 Bouchard Père et Fils Meursault 1er Cru Les Perrières - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Meursault 1er Cru (1/28/2011)
    I’m currently drinking up the '02s, which is the oldest white Burgundy vintage in my cellar. This was slightly advanced for its age, but still highly enjoyable. Color pushing toward canary yellow. Nose of white flowers and a hint of lemon. This is rich and smooth with plenty of fruit and tang. Everything is in balance, but lacks the vibrancy of the '04 bottling. (92 pts.)

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thanks for the note.

Thanks for the note - I have stopped buying 2002’s for back fill to to many failures and advanced wines … only Roulot seem to inspire confidence for a purchase when I see them at a reasonable cost.

I had this wine myself last week and agree with your notes.
This definitely tasted like a mature white Burg.
Not sure how long I would hold these, but makes for a nice, complex drink at present.

Lucky you Dan - the last 4 from my case, bought on release, were dead already two years ago!

Sad really, this is one of my favorite producer/vineyard white wines. The recent negative reports on the '05 Boillots are certainly shrinking my drinking window.

Thanks. My last bottle several months ago was sublime approaching GC quality. 2002 Bouchards red & white on deck now.

Bill’s comment reflects much recent conversation-we should never forget the random nature of this phenomenon. Good bottles have very little relevance to the prognosis for bad and vice-versa, much as we might like to believe that they do.