TN: 2002 Blankiet Cab

Slowly drinking down my stock of this wine as I am no longer a buyer. I wasn’t expecting much, nor did I get much. Certainly a well made wine with quality fruit. But, the fruit had dark and bitter notes, the tanins were more than I would have liked them to be, and there were offputting notes of spice. 91 points.

Thanks for the note, along with Futo one of the most over rated wineries out there.

Like Prego, as I got older I got smarter. Never bought Futo.

Curtis, I’m a little confused. You scored the wine “91”, but the note doesn’t sound all that encouraging. Personally, a wine I rate 91, would be a wine I would not hesitate to recommend to a friend. Would you recommend this wine to a close friend or no? Not trying to be nit-picky, but just trying to understand how you really felt about the wine. Thanks.

M a r k,

As I mentioned the fruit was high quality and you could tell that the person who made the wine had skills. I would suspect that most who had this wine would score it in the range that I did. But in the context of the vintage, the hype, and the cost, this wine under-performed due to its off notes and lack of excitement.

Had this wine cost $50 I’d be recommending it highly. But at its price point I would discourage a friend from buying it…

Thanks, I appreciate the clarification.

I’ve had a few vintages(can’t remember which) but I felt they needed to be held for a LONG time. A lot of tannins!

Mike is no fan.