TN: 2002 Bachelet Côtes de Nuits-Villages

You might ask yourself, why am I saving a CdNV for 18 years, when it was delicious on release? I’d love to say that I have tremendous faith in M. Bachelet’s skills, which is absolutely true. But really, it was in a deep corner of one of my wine lockers and I lost track of time.

I can’t help but compare it to one of his 02 Gevrey VVs that I had recently. Not as bright, the fruit not as round, a more earthy nose, violets and forest floor. Light-ish midpalate, but very good length. Still good acidity, but all in balance. Really good for the $15(?) I paid on release. Went very well the the mushroom ragout I made for dinner. Not going to get better, but still drinking well.

Two things:

  1. Incredibly happy that you are well enough for cooking and enjoying fine wine.

  2. Thanks for the confidence boost on my 2005 and 2006 CdNV.

a ghost from the past! You’ve been gone almost as long as the wine. Welcome.

Very much +1

Very much +2

Thanks, and miss all four of you above!

I had this wine in October. Fully mature but a bit less than your TN reads, my cellar is very cool.
Generally I don t like this wine too young, it needs a good 10-12 y in good vintages, otherwise it tastes too simple and straight.
(My) 2006 is perfect now.

Hello Alan.

Yes - welcome back. Robert… [cheers.gif]

Thanks for the note Robert. I reckon that I have the odd bottle of Bachelet from that era tucked away somewhere. Perhaps the purchases were as teh result of your urgings way back when. Nice to see you back.