TN: 2001 Trimbach Riesling Cuvée Frédéric Emile (France, Alsace)

  • 2001 Trimbach Riesling Cuvée Frédéric Emile - France, Alsace (10/17/2020)
    A bottomless, hauntingly beautiful nose of oyster shell, florals, citrus more than orchard fruit, and kaffir lime. It’s laser sharp, bone dry, and brilliantly detailed on the palate. Multifacted and incredibly complex, with a level of harmony and clarity here that drinks like fresh mineral water. Geologically more than fruit driven with outstanding cut that is beautifully balanced to its extract, with everything coming across weightless yet powerful. An effortless, harmonious, fantastic wine drinking at peak. One of the best bottles of this I have had. Gorgeous. (95 pts.)

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Mmm…wonder if it’s time for a magnum.

nice note about a great wine. I think I own more of this and the 375eme than any other wine—and have drunk a lot of it already.

Still haven’t had a CsH remotely as good!

Is it truly bone dry or “bone dry” in the Riesling-skewed definition? I know Trimbach have done quite a few truly bone dry ones, so hope springs eternal… [wink.gif]

Inspiring TN Todd! Thanks. 2 bottles in the cellar waiting for the right opportunity. Sounds like it’s ready to rock.


1 g/l RS. If you think you can taste that then you are just imagining things.

One of the best smelling wines I ever had was an 85 CFE. Was hoping to grab the lot at this weekend’s hdh auction but didn’t come close.

Many sad experiences with premoxed halves of the 2001 Trimbach CFE on my end.

The TN bodes well for the few regular size bottles that I’m still holding on to.

Un sublime vin de garde …

November 2013, FE verticale at the domain :
Trimbach Riesling Frédéric Emile 2001 : LG17,5/20
Olfaction mûre et profonde, radieuse. Notes de thé earl grey, de pain d’épices, de prunes, de cailloux chauffés par le soleil, …
Ce 2001 à l’acidité conquérante, moins aimable mais plus charpenté que le 2002, brille par ses belles saveurs intégrées. Seule une comparaison côte à côte permettrait d’évaluer les puissances respectives de cette cuvée et du Clos Sainte-Hune sur ce millésime(*) (et ce serait encore mieux à l’aveugle, pour donner toute ses chances à la cuvée assemblant le Geisberg et l’Osterberg, moins rare car produite en quantité 5 fois supérieure à celle du Rosacker, ce qui correspond en moyenne à 30 000 bouteilles par an).

Same rating in august 2014.

December 2013 : Trimbach Riesling Frédéric Emile 2001 : 16,5/17

February 2016 :
Riesling Trimbach Frédéric Emile VT 2001 : 17,5/20
Très belle bouteille, méticuleuse, équilibrée, friande, exprimant de la résine, du citron, de la Chartreuse (jaune).

June 2017 :
Trimbach Frédéric Emile cuvée du 375ème anniversaire 2001 : 17/20

**() As Pierre Trimbach said, it’s not always obvious, blind, to distinguish FE and CSH …**

June 2018 - mix FE and CSH verticale at the domain :
Riesling Clos Ste-Hune 2001 : 18,5/20
Mûr, exotique, avec des intonations de cumin, de kumquat, de fruits frais variés puis de cire. Intensité, grande structure pour une bouche comprimée joliment complexifiée par l’âge, svelte, relativement austère.

We even had better with the next wine, on a perfect bottle :
Riesling Frédéric Emile 1990 : 18,5/19
Bouteille parfaite selon Pierre Trimbach. Nez d’une précision diabolique, complexe (bergamote, tilleul, coco, cassis, framboise). Matière au long cours, spectaculaire, très sapide, encore très jeune, avec une formidable énergie interne (et une impression – paradoxale ? - de jus de fruits frais).

I also had this last weekend. Color on my bottle was a little darker than I expected, but racy and young on nose and palate. Petrol, citrus, herbs, with long stony finish.
I’ve had one advanced bottle (so was worried by color when poured), but this was great. Hop rest are the same.
Ramon, i’ve had very bad luck with CFE and CSH in 375ml across a couple vintages, no more halves for me.

Makes you wonder whether they’ve been buying thin corks for, or bigger bottle openings with, their 375s.

Alsatian half bottles have been consistently problematic IMO. I think it has something to do with the taper of the neck. I just don’t think the cork seals properly. I have had issues with ZH and Weinbach, not just Trimbach.

What is this thing called the “half bottle”?

Great note Todd.

I’ve got one or two left. Last few have been wonderful. Looking forward to them.