TN: 2001 Trimbach Cuvee Frederic Emile

Poured from a half bottle and was immediately hit with strong aromatics of honey, diesel, mushrooms and a faint floral smell. Only slightly honeyed on the palate with lemon and lime flavors dominating the subtle minerality and earthy fungal notes before transitioning to a dry but juicy peach flavored finish. Still very structured and a touch austere. Needs a few more years of bottle age, though this was absolutely delicious tonight with a plate of shrimp and couscous. I am not touching my other bottles for another 3 years.

Thanks for the note. I had this a little more than a month ago from .750, and my experience was consistent with yours. A few more years should do this wine some good.

I liked the 1995 of this I opened from magnum at the PDH BerserkerFest last weekend. While previous bottles tasted in years past had been similar to your note, this mag was singing and more expressive than before.

I also opened a bottle of this a few weeks ago and while it was reasonably shut down at first (perhaps what you refer to as mushrooms were dominating) it was great a few hours later. I am in no hurry to open another (but it’s probably time to root around and get back to some of the 89s I have in storage).